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Learning Unleashed

with Nancy Tucker 2021


Please check your email or this facebook event for more information:

The Sanctuary, Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide, South Australia

Tickets: $475 (early bird registration closes 31 Jan 2021)

Seminar topics include:

  • Using desensitization and counter-conditioning to treat fears

  • Treating Separation Anxiety: from start to finish

  • Over-greeters: teaching dogs polite behaviours at the door and while out and about

  • How Should I Say This? Handling sticky situations with clients in writing

  • The Good Enough Dog

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About Nancy Tucker

Nancy is a certified trainer with the CCPDT, and a fully certified behavior consultant with the IAABC.  She teaches seminars, webinars, and workshops on dog training, dog behavior, and the business end of training throughout Canada, the US, and Europe.  She has presented at conferences for the Pet Professional Guild, the IAABC, the Dog Event in France, and the WOOF! conference in the UK.


She is an instructor for Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, where she teaches popular courses focusing on various topics including how to treat separation anxiety, how to use desensitization and counter-conditioning to treat fearful behaviours, and how to tackle other common behaviour issues. She also offers virtual consultation services to other professional dog trainers.

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Nancy has written numerous articles on dog behaviour and is a regular contributor to the Whole Dog Journal. She is a founding member of the Regroupement Québécois des Intervenants en Éducation Canine (RQIEC), a Quebec-based association of trainers and behaviour consultants.

She shares her home in Quebec, Canada with her husband Tom and their Border Terrier, Bennigan. 


Find out more at:

Want to know more about The Good Enough Dog?

Check out Nancy's podcast with Ryan from Animal Training Academy! 

Nancy Tucker in NSW

As part of Tucker's Tour Down Under, she is also presenting a different, two-day workshop with Lisa Wright @ Canine Education Australia. 

Saturday 22 May - Sunday 23 May 2021 | 9am to 3:30pm

Canine Education Australia, 1783 Tourist Road, Mount Murray, NSW

For more information and to register for the NSW event, please click here:

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