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Hi, I'm Petra!

I love helping animals and the people that care for them share fun, enriching and happy lives. 

As a consultant, I create tailor-made and goal specific training and management plans to help people live or work harmoniously and companionably with their animals. I have extensive experience consulting with pet parents, veterinarians, pet care professionals and local government.

Industry education

Tailor-made seminars, workshops or on the job training for those in the pet care industry, including local government councils, vets & vet nurses, groomers, retail and daycare providers.

Outdoor Study Group
Research & media
My PhD focuses on how dogs experience their veterinary visits.  I enjoy speaking about my research and behaviour more generally. Click here for publications, podcasts, and interviews.
Pet parents

For building better behaviour and welfare across all life stages. I work mostly with dogs, but love to branch out into other species: horses & livestock, birds, reptiles and pocket pets (rabbits, ferrets, mice, etc)

Professional Memberships
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